New version of a Percutaneous Cricothyrotomy? Why not?

One learns from a teacher and inspires new thought. New ideas. I am open to better ideas. Better innovation.

What we do now in the name of medicine changes and becomes archaic to those in the future?

I introduce you to an innovator who has learned my lessons well.


"Your video inspired me. I consider this an improved version.

IV chamber cut and fit into the T-piece of a nebulizer pack attached to the flex tube from that pack and then connect to the AMBU(bag mask ventilator).

Allows mobility due to the flex tube and incorporation of nebs or "endotracheal" meds because of the other open end of the T-piece (which is easily occluded when not needed).



Your video inspired me, refers to the Pediatric Surgical Airways Post




 Hopefully Generation X learners like myself and Millenials who have an overdose of Attention Deficit Syndrome of learning can appreciate New sometimes is Better. Push the envelope my friends, collegues and students new and old.






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