July 13, 2016

A sailor of the AirwayNautics on vimeo and twitter. This Pioneer in Airway has advanced airway education with his life experiences in the Operating room. He has taken airway video by Richard Levitan to the next level. He has always been an advocate for cooperation between other specialities to focus on one understanding. The airway is not unique to one specialty but the same and can be managed the best when all of the specialties work together and come up with great plans of practice. Ever the innovator, he loves video laryngoscopy, uses intubating laryngeal masks optimally with fiberoptic scopes, and uses a positive pressure device called an oxylator as his portable mechanical ventilator. He is also noted as the Nemesis of Emesis and constructed his own portable partial task trainer that mimics aspiration. Salad is the name he calls his system but I call it Gastric Diversion. Regardless he makes us practice rare cases that lead to great disasters in airways. Portable simulation that can benefit all of us in prehospital care, emergency medicine, ICUs and operating rooms.

He thinks and creates. Brilliant. He is not a ResusWanker. 

He is a teacher of Airways. He is older and one of my Airway Yodas. He is a collegue and brother of Airway.



He is not the most interesting man in the world who made Dos Equis beer.

He is








Here is enjoying his Oxylator


Supraglottic use for Intubation




SALAD (in my understanding and translation Gastric Diversion)

What a glorious Mess. Click on the video below. 





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