Is it time yet to standardize Supraglottic Airways?

July 13, 2016

Standardizing something that varies with sex, size and height. 

Why not? But this would require companies to work together. Does the size 4 of any device fit all the patients of average height and weight? No but will fit the great majority of patients. I still need to practice the device on manikins, cadavers, and electively in live patients. Without practice I will suck on its use.

I will become good at improper size selection of devices for my patients. Not the good I want to be good ate.

I will not realize its limitations. Once I fail, I will become weak of mind, and blame the device for my failure. 


Many supraglottic or as others call them extraglottic airway devices exist. They don't include the Ambu bag, manual resuscitator. Which supraglottice device should be mandated? 


Most talk about LMA like airway devices but don't know to include Combitube like devices. Thank you Dr. Frass for that invention. If not for him, there wouldn't be the KING laryngeal tube with suctioning and disposable. And thank you VBM of Germany for making an intubation version of the laryngeal tube to come soon in the Western Hemisphere.


Instead of mandating one type of LMA, at this time, one device should be mandated in being present in the airway cart, bag or box used at our institution or place of work.

It's the one you can afford or the one you became best at. No reason not to have one when I use Rapid Sequence Intubation medications that includes comatose induction and muscle paralysis.

Should be mandated for Procedural sedation and RSI. That is what my governing bodies of Emergency Medicine should agree upon.

I use the one that works for me and my sickest patients. Don't worry I am not stuck in my ways. I continue to wait for a better product.

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