Ramping Doesn't Hurt Skinny People

September 28, 2016


Your BMI doesn't have to be morbidly sky high.
Ramping your patient's torso and neck and head just to achieve improved and sometimes perfect ear to sternal notch alignment shouldn't be reserved to the morbidly obese.
Let's be honest as a country gets more civilized and domesticated, it's inhabitants get heavier, aka fatter.
It works honestly. Here are some pics of skinner patients benefiting the same positioning of "Ramping."
Less likely to have passive aspiration.
Less atelectasis during preparation for intubation.
Easier to Bag up with bvm should pt need rescue alveolar recruitment for rescue oxygenation.
Easier to intubate if the line of sight to the vocal cords is easier to engage with the planes of the head and neck and chest are aligned correctly.
Skinny patients like obese patients and those in between don't deserve the Coffin position.


Reminder images below for heavier set patients.









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