Coffin Position

The Do Nothing, leave the patient as you found them supine and unresponsive is the instinctive and lazy way of doing Optimal Airway Management.

I see this and I think of Ronda Rousey's stance on the Do Nothing b##ch.

Not the patient, but the health care professional who is taking care the potentially tenous airway.


Plus since ignorance is promoted and advocated without Understanding the gravity of this position.

Not knowing the harm of this COFFIN POSITION doesn't spare you from the fact you will be harming the patient who is having respiratory distress and/or respiratory arrest. We are not talking about airway management in the cardiac arrest patient who is found supine and FOR NOW we promote supine chest up position for cpr.

Please refer to an older post here regarding Ear to Sternal Notch done an adjustable Stretcher. Linens/pillows/chucks/blankets will no longer fear this maneuver.


Even Richard Levitan doesn't think highly of this position. He has his reason for calling it the C.O.F.F.I.N. position.








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