Desperate Measures with Mac Blade Part Two

October 10, 2016

You don't see the Vocal cords. You panic.

Ask for a Miller laryngoscope blade. Can't find one or not available today.

Use the Mac Blade as a Miller, you see the cords now.

You abruptly move, you without paying attention Crush the Epiglottis in a very bad way.

No one sees it. This isn't video laryngoscopy.

Ramifications, ENT surgery.

Choking, Aspiration since the anatomical appendage used to cover our glottic opening during swallowing, coughing and breathing, just was crushed, damaged by the savior.

If you never ask what happens to this patient who goes to ICU, you will never see the damage you caused.

You can't deny harm when you realize you caused it.

See the video how injury can occur with a video laryngoscope to mimic damage with direct laryngoscopy blades.




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