Man Bun technique to place Nasal Cannula

October 10, 2016

If you are in a rush to place a nasal cannula for supplemental oxygen or if your patient is born or damaged ears, you can place the nasal cannula in a Man-bun fashion.

Seen many times at a gym I lift at, Crossfit Greenpoint, I see many sporting a hairstyle of too much hair. Aspiring Samurai warriors want to know. I am likely just having Hair hating envy. Hipsters of Greenpoint and Williamsburg in their glory.


The hairstyle shown below sported by Keanu Reeves in a terrible movie of his or sported correctly by actors of the Seven Samurai inspired this.

My manikins in the Simlab don't have developed ears hence can't place those n/c in the traditional method. Hence practiced this n/c technique on this blessed pieces of plastic and rubber.




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