Why Torres is using the SuperNo2va instead of the Nasal Cannula at 15 lpm?

October 10, 2016

The nasal cannula as was part of my airway armamentarium but I discovered the SUPERNO2VA.

I did this after listening to Dr. Scott Weingart of EMCRIT and reading the Landmark paper written by both he and Dr. Richard Levitan. Fellow brethren of Emergency Medicine.



Clare Hayes-Bradley has added more confidence in the utility of nasal cannula oxygenation use with BVM



The nasal cannula only provides supplemental oxygen to my desired nasopharynx oxygen reservoir for my patient. I am trying to use n/c to blunt desaturation during the apneic period after having given the induction and paralysis via RSI. I can do the same thing with the SUPERNO2VA by Revolutionary Medical Devices, Inc., with 15 liters per minute.


Added advantage over the nasal cannula: Rescue ventilation/oxygenation device already set up. I can use the device to bag up the patient. NASAL VENTILATION.





The SUPERNO2VA allows me to bag up the patient via the same nasopharynx regardless if I have a nasopharyngeal airways in place or not. But I will need to have the BVM connected to a Peep Valve dialed up to 10 since I am trying to mimic the Awesomeness noted on the video below. I can't wait to find a cadaver prepared in a similar manner to show the same endpoints.


Dr. George Kovacs is a genius in using the human cadaver to show you how passive Non Invasive Ventilation with a facemask connected to a Bag Valve Resuscitator and High flow Nasal Cannula recruits the alveoli even without active bagging. Crazy.

Look at the video at


@1:25 minute mark to show you the lung expansion can still occur without active bagging.



@2:03 minute mark to see what a partial squeeze of the BVM does for this potential future patient.



Again some of you need proof that Peep Valves on your BVM. Without Peep you can't recruit more alveoli to open up and prevent derecruitment.

More videos to give you FACTS.

Rabbit Lung demonstration


Pig Lung demo





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