The AckerMan (Senior Care EMS derived)

I learn from any health care professional. I work with colleagues and friends. I pay attention. I can't stop being a learner.

I figure one day since we always run out of modern hydraulic supported stretchers, I will need to deal with a gurney. I fear it but am prepared for it. Or for my collegues who are paramedics who have to intubate patients lying in nursing home beds without adjustable head lifts. Not enough pillows or chucks to prop up the head if you aren't using the Kovacs head lift if you did will the lottery in pillows.

I just need some lower back strength from my lifting and pull.

I am glad the patient is not on pavement. Raising the patient from the COFFIN position to an improved view for intubation.  If the patient was then being pulled much was left on me. My failure to pull adequately would lead to a cracked skull. No dropsies please. An Ooops is never good for medicine.

See the Effort to help elevate the upper torso and head to align the airway as best possible ear to sternal notch.

 Enjoy the Magisto show on using this Arm Pulling neck alignment method.



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