Patient Positioning. That is Key. You can push it. I Love Video Laryngoscopy.

February 28, 2017

February 27th 2017. SimLab in Queens, NYC.
Patient positioning is key. You can maximize it by pushing your own limits.

Video Laryngoscopy allows you to do this. Direct Laryngoscopy will limit your heights.

The King Vision allowed me to. Check this video out for proof.



You can climb to the highest point. From ear to sternal notch, then higher than that and even standing over the patient. 
You can be limited by your fear of heights or overcome it and intubate. Be the tallest intubator in the room is possible.


Possible for difficult intubations. Preview of this intubation noted on the Tomahawk video done earlier today.

My king vision allows me to intubate my patient. Even my sim manikin at the heighest ramp position that allows me to intubate this patient. Why? Because I can.  V.L. allows me to. Short intubators should not fear. But let the intubator be wary. Gravity still works. And falling is always possible. Sign my airway waiver before doing this. I haven't fallen yet. It may still be possible. 


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