Stare Downs not so Bad. Different Ways to Teach.

I hope to make my students and colleagues understand what I am trying to convey or teach during a simulation session.

In this picture below you see Leone teaching the young Matilda to become an Assassin. Great Lessons learned.


I have learned to teach by observing my students and figuring out who each learns best and that truth and repetition is best.

I can't use physical force with a cane or a bougie even to instill a lesson. To instill the lesson that was going very wrong, again wrong or why why why.

I can't use the method below.


I am not the kind teddy bear that many think. I am serious like cancer when it truly matters.

I am not as patient as the man below who reminds the student that through Power, Love and Disciplin/Self-control. Success is so achievable through the kind words of this compassionate man on the video.


I think you can speak and convey the seriousness of moment with the tone of voice and looks. I can't get fired from looks. I can somehow teach with stares. Realize that. And move on.




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