Glidescope Go for Adults.


Better than the Glidescope Ranger. Newer disposable blades all are able to fit to the video head piece. Just make sure its locked up in your pyxis or guarded in your airway box/cart.

The Monitor for the glidescope is now less essential if you love the glidescope traditional blade. I love it since it allows me to  use the Mac3 or Mac 4 standard geometric blades for my interns and senior residents who still want to use traditional Mac blade design. Now we have more witnesses of First Pass Success via the glottic opening by our endotracheal tube.

No more stand needed for a monitor.

Less than $4,000.00 I heard.

Great idea for Helicopters, and military use.

When fully charged you have up to 2hrs of power to intubate as many persons as needed. The clock of power storage is displayed on the monitor's bottom left corner.  Constant reminder of the power of the Glidescope Go that remains.




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