Moment of Silence

September 20, 2017

 Parents are told they should not have favorites.

Teachers are told the same.

I do have favorites for the joy brought on when I teach them. The curiosity brought on when asking me constantly for questions and answers. My favorites bring me to the edge of FOAMed. To constantly bring my A game to their teaching sessions.

The ones I loved the most will be the badass em attendings who will save lives by performing procedures and out diagnosing the many fools trained by others. I want them to be badasses. I want them to be the best Resuscitationists. Not ass kissers. Trend setters. Those who establish legacies.

The one who fell a few weeks ago would have had a great legacy in saving lives.

For now his legacy is being my friend and my student.

Student for life. And me being his teacher/mentor for life. Believe that.





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