Roaches/Rats of Airways

They will survive an Airway Apocalypse of Direct Laryngoscopy and Video Laryngoscopy.

So call them the Roaches and/or Rats of Airways in a good way. As a complement.

Survivors. Multipurposed.

Out of bad luck and circumstances these devices that are LMAs or look like LMAs could have the first airway devices for ENT surgery and Anesthesia soon after the making of the facemask and Bag Mask ventilation system. One could have thought the crazy idea was to intubate the trachea with a tube and prevent aspiration with an inflated cuff if the LMA had been the established airways 50 yrs or more before the endotracheal tube.

But it didn't but that doesn't stop this device being malleable and constantly evolving.

The best benefit of the device is that this device can squeeze the cracks/tight spaces of Many Airways.

Jaw Malocclusion, Some degree of trismus, and perhaps early angioedema?

This concept is better understood with the visual I will provide below inspired by Yen Chow of twitter popularity and a member of AirwayNautics.

See the images and video below.




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