Anybody Who is Qualified can Cut.

I cut meat. I eat meat. I am not a chef. I am not a Butcher. I do not work at a slaughterhouse.

I know Airways can be established through the nose, mouth or make a new orifice through the neck.


If a surgical airway is desired, a qualified person is needed. Not ENT, not trauma surgery. The only qualification is if you give RSI medications that induce GCS 3 of coma, and Paralyze someone including their diaphragm. This requirement means you who give the drug is who performs a laryngeal handshake and makes the needed cut to save that patient's life.

Hence any emergent airway management curriculum should be started with the surgical airway, and then learn oral and nasal intubation skills.

Makes sense no? Despite this is the opposite of what is done in Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine

and ICU. I just spoke to my former student, best friend, fellow resuscitationist, Will Apter who teaches emergent procedures in a Cadaver Lab in Long Island. Airway Meducation with his students who are Attendings with Surgical Airways. I need to do the same.


I need to do my part in lessening the fear of a procedure as vital as ultrasound use, oral intubation and central line placement.


Fear of the Name give strength to the Fear.

Say it, Think it, after having learned it and Practiced it. Say it and think it for every patient with a potential Airway Problem.

Cut if needed. Not for fun. But because it's a skill once learned you never should forget.

For 13 years of my career, I rehearsed and practiced on manikins. I have cut 2 necks in the past 1 year.

I am ready should another need cutting.


Read this Blog entry for motivation. To remind yourself you are a Resuscitationist.

Not a pretender.

Not a talker

but a performer.

Get it????

Either be Eddard Stark

The Man who passes the sentence should swing the Sword.

Or think of the following persona regardless if Man or Woman.

Be Logan. Be Wolverine.

He's the best there is at what he does and what he does isn't very nice.





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