The Unicorn. The one and Only Airway Levitan.

He can and saw and dealt with our Audio Visual problems to educate us on how we should address airways in the Emergency Department.

Welcome to Dr. Richard Levitan.

Man of more than 38 pages of Curriculum Vitae.

Man who trained and graduated from the first emergency medicine residency class of NYU Bellevue 1996.

Who later worked at Lincoln Hospital of the Bronx. Later worked in the community of Long Island at Franklin Square. And eventually spent most of his academic teaching in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Now he is traveling the world more and still teaching but more of an airway inventor now.

But his lessons from DVDs and reading an actual book of his was my way of learning airway in the emergency room setting.

This was before the internet became everyone's mommy and daddy in truth. This was before learning from YouTube videos.


I think the lecture itself explains his message.

Please forgive me for my amateur attempt on filming this great speaker.

Enjoy this Unicorn of Airways.




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