Don't be an Absentee Attending a.k.a. a Ghost.

The topic discussion today is about not being a Ghost in Resuscitation. Regardless in a Trauma bay, Resuscitation bay or that corner of your ED with a crash cart.

This topic is serious to me.

Serious as Cancer. And we aren't talking about the Zodiac sign.


Just like Absent voters lead to the election of an ill-qualified public official who leads our nation now.

Being an Absent or Absentee Attending will lead to bad outcomes.

A bad leader in resuscitation is one who stays quiet and doesn't lead by example. Doesn't teach and like a lemming, lets others fall over the cliff.

Goes with flow of a swirling turd down the toilet.

Or allows shit to hit the fan and allows others to covered in the same manure.


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Be proactive. Learning didn't stop in Residency. Stops when you stop reading or studying.

When you stop asking for help to learn.

Don't blame others for your lack of skills in saving lives.

Don't be a #DNB.

Look at the Man in the Mirror.

Don't be a Ghost. Click the video below for my Rant.




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