Rescue Ventilation/Oxygenation with 3 Airway Devices at a CadaverLab

Dec 5th 2017

Tuscany, Italy




Air-Q sp w/o inflating pilot balloon

LMA protector

3 devices that mimic the LMA. Insertion easy to demonstrate onCadavers. Easier and likely to show how it really works on a cadaver. Before rigor mortis kicks in, the human cadaver is more educational than any simulation manikin. Plastic and rubber and silicone doesn't mimic human anatomy real enough. Not yet at least.

Be on the lookout for links on my website regarding

the Baska airway device

Air-Q sp

LMA Protector.


Not that hard to insert. All 3 of them.

Archie Brain Technique being used. Inventor of the original LMA. Just to name drop.

Don't be lazy. The jaw pull helps for the Laryngeal Tube insertion and for those devices that look like LMAs.

Ease of Use is not a problem.

The only enemies of LMA like devices is copious amounts of gastric contents flooding the oropharynx possibly preventing a good seal on the Glottic opening. And Lingual Tonsillar Hyperplasia, the Baba Yaga of Airways in my opinion.

 Better Demo of the Baska Airway Device



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