Peep valve on BVM..recruits more lung. CRIC/THORACOTOMY DEMO.

Chest exposed to show lung recruitment via BVM...with peep valve on at 10.


I had taught my students here at this course that an intubation of the patient's right main stem would improve visualization of the heart during the left sided Thoracotomy of this Human Cadaver.

I accidently digitally intubated the patient's left lung by accident with a bougie.

With this exposure of the lungs I was able show the Lungs of this cadaver being ventilated. after successful cricothyrotomy had been achieved.

I was able to Bag up the patient with BVM without a peep valve and with a peep valve.

Peep Valve recruits alveolar. Remove the valve, acute der-recruitment of the alveoli occurs.





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