What fuels you? This fuels me.

I may not wear earrings, nor rock tattoos on my arms or neck or face. 

I may not be younger than 25 years old. 
I may be from the prior Millennium.  Not a current Millennial. 

I may not skateboard.

I don't  ride a monster truck.

I don't ride a dirt bike.

I don't jump out of airplanes.

I don't surf.

I am not the demographic filmed on Gopro.






I did buy a Gopro.

I did graduate from Medical School.

I do save lives, and watch people die.

I read ekgs.

I watch your blood pressure rise or drop

I perform ABGs.

I watch your pulse ox rise and drop.

I place sterile harpoons of plastic in your neck or your groin.

I place sterile tubes of plastic in your mouth or your chest.

Even place rubber tubes in your private parts. 

I push epinephrine.

I push medications that make you comatose

I push medications that paralyze your diaphragm making breathing impossible.

I push blood transfusions harder than TPA.

I perform one arm CPR and my patients come back. 

I teach residents to save and not kill their patients.

I drink Sangria and not much anything else except for Monster.

I love meat, and definitely not a vegetarian.

I may develop energy drink induced Cardiomyopathy.

I don't care.

My contact sport, Olympic lifting.

My profession: Saving sick people. and kicking out the not sick.

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician.

I love my Monster.

Even if not sponsored. Even if more than one time, I have been rejected by the Sales Reps by the Company.

Monster helps me be Me.

That is all.

Nothing more.

Nothing less. .

Monster releases the Beast in Me.









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