Cantaloupes Can Kill


Imagine hearing of a Medical Notification. Choking in the field.

19 or 21 year old choking. O2sat of 56%.

Who cares about the age. Past puberty. Treat as an Adult. Patient likely past 50 kg. Unless one grows as a delayed child despite the older age. 

You will know the truth once the patient arrives.

One clue. Fruit can hurt. Be tasty. But can kill too.


Listen well to the story to be told below.

Part 1. Predicting outcomes and predicting failures. Fruit can kill or not. Make plans for first pass success and failure.

 Part 2.

Suction to verify if patient had more than just Cantaloupe in the lungs. Suction the complication of the Rehearsed Planned Deep right main stem intubation before pulling back above the Carina. Bleeding will occur.  Thankfully slowed down in this case, and resolved while in the ED.




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