"Dance Moves in Intubation"with the Right Hand.

I remember attending the 2nd Advanced Airway Management Course at NYC hosted by my Airway Mentor, Dr. Rich Levitan. He cued me on this trick on FPS first pass success when the Endotracheal Tube gets stuck on the specialist stylet like the Glidescope or Co-Pilot and the distal tip of the stylet has entered the Glottic Opening. He taught me to rotate to the right the loaded endotracheal tube. I just added the hand turnover to make the dislodgement of the endotracheal tube easier.


Watch. Learn. Then Practice. 

The "whip" is the laying of the hand to the right side.

The "nay-Nay" is the hand turn over and then thumb dislodgement.

If the little kids can do the Dance. 

Grown Folks can intubate and dance with the Right hand as well.


Get motivated.


More than just pop the top of the stylet to release it from the endotracheal tube. Its then a tilt of the endotracheal tube to the side. and then, overhand turn of the hand. And then use the thumb to advance the endotracheal tube to the desired depth down the trachea.


Notice in these other videos I use the same technique in endotracheal tube advancement once the distal tip is passed the vocal cords at the glottis opening.







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