MacGyver a regular Stylet for the Glidescope System.

At times a Glidescope stylet can be misplaced, or lost. Accidently tossed in the trash. Sadly more than $30 down the drain. Hence a wise person knows the Glidescope doesn't work well without an adjusted stylet to make up for the non-Geometric, non-Standard, hyperangulated blades the Glidescope video laryngoscope system is known for. Those Blades will make successful passage of the endotracheal tube almost impossible despite the Great view achieved with the Video system. Even the Bougie will not likely be able to overcome the hyperangulation path of First Pass Success. 


Watch and Learn. 

Can't find the right stylet with endotracheal tube when intubating with a hyperangulated V.L. blade. Adjust. Adapt. You will then be able to intubate the glottic opening.




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