The First Human Cadaver insertion of the Intubating Laryngeal Tube. NYC.

Somewhere in North America, the Intubating Laryngeal Tube was placed in a human body. There was chest rise belileve me. This supraglottic was listed as a 4/5 size. For those persons between 5 feet to those over 6 feet tall. Can't wait for FDA approval for this device in the United States.


One thing, don't make a video with a surgical mask on. Muffled voice makes it difficult to listen.

Pump up the Volume to listen to my commentary.

Again Jaw-Pull. or use a tongue depressor to ease the passage of the device. 

That cheap device, the tongue depressor, can be plastic, and would aid on the passage along with the Jaw-Pull maneuver I advocate in the insertion. 



Check out the vimeo video by VBM the manufacturer of the Intubating Largyneal Tube with Suction/Disposable.




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