I am Sold on WoundClot.


Game Changer.

I didn't believe the videos.

I am becoming a believer with each time I use this product.

I am not an investor yet. I invest in the idea that this product works.


see my testimonial below.

 Simple instructions. I used to be a believer in Quickclot. and Quickclot is better than having no hemostatic agent/dressing in your ER/Resus/Trauma bay.

Follow the instructions on the back of the package.

3 package sizes available in the images below.




Easy to read instructions on the back of the package. Israel Military approved. The dressing knows no color or ethnicity. Works for any wound that bleeds. 


 For those looking for proof that this products stops 

Hemorrhage look at the links to videos below. 


Control of bleeding at av fistula site.



Femoral artery stab wound.

Liver Punch Biopsy hemorrhage.

Spleen Punch Biopsy Hemorrhage.


ACT-PAK (includes the WoundClot)

part of the Stop the Bleed campaign



The Science about the product.














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