Baddassery like Lyanna Mormont

Resuscitation success. When you don't care how tall you are, your ranking as a resident or attending, your sex, and age. And all you do is run things well in the resus room like you were meant to do this all your life. 


I don't care if you are a bastard son, or orphan claimed by No One, or from a D.O. school or MD school no one knows about.

The Talent, The Respect. 

Trauma/Resus remembers. Who is that? The ed nurses there, the technicians there, the registrars there, the fellow attendings from other departments there. This is our version of the North.

The North remembers. 

Resus/Trauma remembers who is the voice to be heard and headed to.

Who is the leader? The North remembers. Who will be our King or Queen?

Who will be the Resus leader to be heard and listened to.

Resus/Trauma remembers.





Take a clue from this 10year old who runs a family house and pledges her House to her King.

She remembers. 

Why do they listen to her?

She speaks when grown men shut up and are afraid?



Imagine you in her shoes. She was brave and stuck to her convictions.

That is what you need to do in Resus. Be brave, be knowledgeable, and run things fast and right.

Not fast and reckless. Best care doesn't care who it comes from. 

If you are that person that day, then be it. Don't run from that position.

Sometimes you will be in that position. 

Sometimes you attending less than 5 feet from you, will stay quiet and not say anything. Not out of duty and a learning opportunity, but FEAR. LACK OF PURPOSE, LACK OF LEADERSHIP.


Its not about being nice and polite.

Its about getting things done.

"I think we've had enough of this small talk. Why are you here?

 She knows she leads her House, her men to death or survival. She has to be strong and confident but not foolish.

"If they are half as ferocious as their lady, the Boltons are doomed."

She is respected for who she is. She stands strongest on her own 2 feet.


She spoke as if she is the one who called for tpa for a cardiac arrest on a young woman on ocps. The patient who lives and her family, will remember.

She is the one who diagnosed a triple AAA rupture with her u/s skills. The surgeons remembers.

She will intubate the largest patient in the hospital who is in respiratory failure. The ICU remembers. 


Run things tonight and every shift as a person who reads and knows and willing to know WHAT SICK IS.

Be someone better. Be BAFERD.




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