When You are Ready to Cut like Arya Stark

The North remembers.

The Neck will remember.

You will remember.

Arya remembers.


 Remember the Lesson.

Remember the Anatomy.

Any Airway you deal with. Will I need to cut the Neck? Is the most important question.


The Procedure is only daunting to those who fear it. 

Its mostly Feel.

Palpate with your finger.

And cut. Use your Needle. Use your Valeryian Steel. Use your Scalpel.

Insert the Bougie Deeper. 

Trust your Hands. You already know the Look of the Patient.

You know the look of Walter Frey.

The Neck of Walter Frey will remember.

Just look at his eyes as Proof.

 You know what you are doing so confidently. You finish off the task at hand looking away. 


Trusting your hands.

Trusting the training by No One. 





 Remember she could have saved or Killed Joeffrey. 

He had an upper airway issue.

It would have been another Neck on the list. 

She could have saved him from the hands of another Assasin, only to kill him another day.


If you cut the neck and you save the patient, I won't remember.

If you cut the neck and the patient dies because you fail, I will remember.


Log your procedures after Procedure Lab. And after every Simulated Airways and especially live/nearly dead patients.

Don't write it down, then the procedure goes with the wind.

Never to be seen or heard of again. 




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