Suicide Awareness. National Physician Suicide Awareness Day.

September 18, 2018


No matter how much one says they are okay. More likely than not, they aren't.

Its the tone of the response. 

The speed of how fast the word is said.

How the person cuts you off with their response. "I'm okay." or "i'm fine."

We have demons in all of us.

Some of ours haunt is every day, or just surprise us like Peekaboo.

I can see a shrink and lie to their face. I am mentally ill. I can lie well become I am unpredictable.

I can lie to everyone about my suicidal intentions. I can be a great lier. 

I can be mentally ill. That is why suicide can be a surprise.

I can be so sad, that my happiness doesn't matter. Only others happiness does, or I think that, while I suffer inside. Look at Robin Williams.


Next to anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine doctors face stress, and the constant temptation to treat that pain from work, frustration, and fight those demons with alcohol, and illicit drugs. 

Time to recognize our demons. and know we can do Seppuku as well as any Japanese Samurai.


One thing is key. We can heal. We can hurt by mistake or neglicence or malice.

We can be better. 

We can save a life.

Our lives matter even when we look in the mirror and think we are only worth a turd.

We matter. 


Forgive me if I crack jokes.



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