Pediatric Airways. Revisited. Mac or Miller Blades?

Macintosh Blades rule. Blades that you are familiar with, should be used. 

Pediatric attendings and residents and fellows train with much much smaller MILLER Blades. Sizes 00, 0, 1, 2 exist.  Those blades are short and stumpy.  So short that a MILLER blade that it starts looking like a MACINTOSH blade. Look at pics below. 


I have thought it may be best theoretically have a peds person to intubate an adult aged difficult airway with a Miller 3 or 4 blade no? But nope. Too heavy of a tool, that then becomes a weapon.

Then the resident, p.a., respiratory therapist, or paramedic who almost only uses MACINTOSH blades and only used it once or twice on a partial skills trainer, shouldn't likely be using a MILLER blade that they are poorly trained in. Use that Macintosh #1, or #2 blades if you find it.






 Mission accomplished. 

Macintosh blades in effect. 

Practice as suggested and you will realize truth versus mythology. Reality versus voodoo.


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