Be a Lion. Not a Sheep. Not a Lamb.

Its not how you start in life. 

It's how you finish.

How you start in residency is not what matters most.

It's the intent to care of your patients.

To think of the patient, more than you think of yourself.

To face your fear of a procedure

And suck it up.

Save the patient.


Sheep NOT!

Here is a story shared about such a situation.

V. Fib arrest.

Failed airway in the prehospital setting. 

Agonal breathing and signs of life fighting from his teeth with ongoing CPR.

RSI given.

Difficult Airway. Suctioning failed with the Yankaeur.

Bagging leading to sats of 60%. Airways full of blood and emesis.

No definitive airway after 5 minutes. 

Not successfully baggable at all.

The airway was flooded with emesis.

Couldn't intubate. Couldn't oxygenate.

If I could have ventilated him, then I would have time to try something else.

LMA was attempted and failed in the prehospital setting already. 

So much resistance felt with bagging with BVM. 

"I could not move any air at all."

Decision made.

2 minute goal hopefully.


He survived.

Neuro intact. 

"It is all because you told me to be a lion and not a sheep lol after I let the trauma doctor have my last cric.
"I was like, okay I can do this and I did."

Patient later celebrated with his wife their 50th anniversary one week later.


Permission was given to share the story of a patient saved.

Elsewhere outside of NYC, Alumni of the Program do save more lives.





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