Log the failures and successes. Don't be Aku.


Learn from your successes and failures in airway management. The log will document your progress. And remind you that you do miss and can fail in intubation.

I remember my 2 failed attempts as an attending of 14 years.

I failed 1 or 2 as an em resident despite not having an anesthesiology rotation. Bi-pap just got started and we intubated Copd-ers, CHF-ers, Asthmatics left and right. 


In your young career as a novice intubator, you may get selective amnesia and forget your early failures. Log them on your procedure log. Or you will wave them off as lack of training and just  inexperience or lack of good teaching. Remember them. The stakes are higher when you become arrogant and forget those long sessions in the simlab taught by some Airway Teacher. I know of Chairman of Anesthesiology departments who selectively forget their worse and failed airways, and proclaim they don't need a bougie or lma or glidescope to rescue their patient from peril. Shame. Shame. Shame. 


Aku is a drawn character who tried to erase the hero, Samurai Jack from existence. He did create a world in his image.













But if you pay attention, Samurai Jack was a reality, of what a better life could be.  Not Aku's delusional life of never failing airways but that others exist that could be better in technique and teach you better ways of thinking. 

At the end, Aku failed since your failed airways catch up with you. The look of Shame from your students and colleagues, as well as death certificates and M&Ms don't lie..




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