4th Pan-Hellenic Society of Emergency Medicine Congress

These are some of the founders of emergency medicine.

Eleni and Effie.

Original students of The Program's

Hellenistic American Emergency Medicine fellows. Some of my greatest students ever.


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I am proud I was able to teach them, attendings already being my students.

The best students I have had who were appreciative of my advice, and teaching.


Sometimes a better teaching experience than the millennial em residents who are so snowflakey when I give them honest feedback.

More humble than some of my fellow board certified em attendings who do not take advice in doing simulation, or practicing procedures when their skills are waning. 


Next time 2019, we will see each other more. 

Some of my former HAEME fellows are not doing Emergency Medicine but learned to appreciate this specialty. 

Now even the country of Greece realizes its needed.

I hope to help in any way to make this an appreciated specialty.


I won't be an extra for the movie 300.

See the clip below.







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