When I get to Teach with My Teacher.



Those who can't do, teach.


That is the biggest load of crap I've heard of.

I am a person of action and words. I back it up.

Not sure who the creator of the line above was and who he taught.


Teaching with the person I learned from

from his DVDs and his books, remember those things used in the 1990s and 2000s?

now learning from his videos online, pirated on youtube.

Then taking his Inaugural Advanced Airway Course in NYC.

and taking one of his many Intro Airway Course in Baltimore, Maryland with fresh cadavers.


And one day I got to teach with my mentor who is pgy 25, compared to me who is pgy 14 only in this crazy, sometimes wonderful career of emergency medicine. And both Airway educators and enthusiasts.

He has published a lot, I have published almost nothing.

But our common interest is not about who lights up on a google search or on pubmed.

Its about teaching airway correctly. 

Got to teach with him October 2018 after an invite by my former students from Greece.

Teach the Teacher Airway Workshop. 

He is the man. I aspire to be as accomplished as he is one day. One step at a time.




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